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Air Curtain Door

Why do I need an Air Door?

An air curtain door is designed to create an invisible barrier between two spaces. Air doors are designed to blow air down to keep bugs and other outside contaminants from coming into the business, keep air conditioning or heat inside of the business, and to help keep health inspectors away. Air curtain doors come in a variety of sizes and power levels to work in a variety of different businesses.

Air Door Functions

Air doors have a primary function of helping businesses operate more efficiently. While an air curtain door uses electricity, they are designed to help reduce the electricity use of other equipment, such as air conditioners and heaters in the business. Air doors can save as much as 30% on an electricity bill and can help keep an air conditioner lasting longer without the needs of service or repairs. Air curtain doors are a tool for keeping businesses greener and lowering their operating costs.

Air doors are designed to help keep food fresher, longer. The two main ways they do this are by helping keep a cooler stay even colder when the door is left open, and they can stop bugs from coming into the business and ruining the ingredients. Air doors are a great way to keep the cold air in coolers because they don’t get destroyed like strip curtains, and they are even better at maintaining the temperature during deliveries and when employees are using the walk-in boxes. Air curtain doors are also perfect for stopping pests from coming into the business at the entry and
service doors. By blowing down a constant stream of air, the bugs are forced outside due to their inability to cross the threshold of the opening. Air curtain doors can help commercial businesses save costs on food loss and can keep businesses running more efficiently with their purchases.

Why Air Doors?

Air Doors are critical for maintaining a proper work environment, and to keep health inspectors happy. Air curtain doors are machines designed to create invisible barriers between two spaces, typically at an exterior opening of the business. The air curtain doors blow down a constant stream of air to help keep bugs and other contaminants outside of the business. The air doors also help to keep cold air in during the summer and keep cold air out during the winter. Keeping bugs out and spaces comfortable will make your customers happy and will stop the health inspectors from giving you problems.

Air curtain doors are utilized for different purposes and in different businesses.

The main two reasons an air curtain door is used are:

Keep the outside air and bugs from coming into the business. Air curtain doors have also been used to keep spaces dry and to help cool products off. The businesses that use air curtains are: Restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, manufacturers, produce distributors, seafood distributors, wholesale bakeries, and clean rooms. Most businesses need some form of barrier at their entry points to help fend off the outside

Air doors will help businesses go green and be more environmentally friendly. While the air curtains do use electricity, they do not use as much as an air conditioning unit or heater. This is why air curtains are very beneficial for maintaining temperature while reducing energy consumption. The air doors will also help increase the lifespan of air conditioning units, walk- in cooler compressors, and heaters. Because the air curtain door stops the air from leaving spaces, the devices used to condition and heat spaces do not have to work as hard, use as much electricity, and cost as much to keep the business operating well.

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