Air Curtain Fan

Air Curtain Fan

Air Curtain Fan Design

Air curtain fans are motorized pieces of equipment designed to create a barrier between to spaces. An air curtain fan operates by taking air into the machine and then pushing it downward above an entry with enough force to prevent bugs, contaminants, and outside air from entering. By utilizing air curtain fans, businesses can reduce their energy consumption, they can keep their businesses cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter, they can stop bugs from entering and contaminating the ingredients, and they can keep health inspectors happy.

Air Curtain Fan Installation

Air curtain fans are a perfect way to keep the bugs out and keep your doors open for customers to enter the business. Being able to leave the doors open is a good business strategy for bringing in more customers, especially on hot days when they want to take a break and get out of the sun. With air curtain fans, you can leave the doors open and not worry about bugs coming in and disturbing the customers. Also, air curtain fans are a perfect way to keep bugs out of the back of the restaurant when deliveries are being made and employees are taking trash out of the business. These air curtain doors are commonly left open during those times, and because they are near dumpsters, this is the main issue that restaurants have to face while keeping the bugs away. By installing air curtain fans, restaurants can operate more efficiently and make delivery driver and employee lives easier.

Air Curtain Fan Energy Costs

Air Curtain Fans are a great way to keep the energy costs down by eliminating excess use of air conditioning and heating. Even though air curtains also use electricity, it is far less than the amount used to cool down a space. By installing air curtain fans at the main entry, businesses can save money on their electric bill, become a more green and energy efficient business, and create a longer life-span for their air conditioning units.

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