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air curtain price

Air Curtain Price

Air curtain price can vary due to needs in unit features, specific applications and/or installation requirements.  They are very effective for reducing energy consumption and shortening run times of air handler or compressors. Size matters when it comes to air curtain price. For this reason it is an important part to consider when talking about air curtain price. Additional accessories, like brackets, microswitches, time delays, motor control panels, or heat, will also play a role in the price of an air curtain.

Maintaining Air Curtain Costs Low

Air curtain brackets are necessary when considering more complicated installations in which the air curtain is being placed in front of a window, needs to be set apart from the door, or something is present that blocks the installation (such as an exit sign, sensor, or roll-up door housing). These units are of course powered by electricity. Yet the amount of energy they use is a small fraction of the energy an air conditioner consumes. This is specially true when considering industrial settings. It is essential for businesses (commercial or industrial) to consider air curtains to help keep their electric costs down. They can also help maintain comfortable and clean environments. Last but not least, they help lower other equipment use to help them run better and longer. 

Unit Maintenance

Though air curtain price can vary don’t let it scare you when considering whether or not to purchase one. The benefits of owning an air curtain outweigh the price. They also require very minimal maintenance. Scheduled cleanings three months at a time will help guarantee that the air curtain works properly and that the life of the unit is extended. That being said, it is recommended that for environments that get dirtier, dustier, or greasier than others a more aggressive cleaning schedule is applied.

Our products comply with health department standards by meeting CFM requirements. When selecting a commercial air curtains for entryways or other uses, it is important to know the height of the opening to determine the right amount of air velocity to effectively place an air barrier from the outside air from coming inside. For more information regarding our air curtains or other products like traffic doors, please call (844)-246-2355, or e-mail