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what are air curtains

What are Air Curtains?

Air curtains are machines that take air and blow it downward to create a barrier between two spaces. Unlike a door or strip curtain, the air curtain creates a barrier without an issue of having to open or push on a door to go from one space to another.

What does an air curtain do?

They are designed to keep bugs, debris, dust, and other contaminants from entering a building. They are also designed to keep spaces conditioned and minimize energy consumption from air conditioners. They also keep products fresher, safer, longer and reduce chances of bacteria growth.

What types of businesses use air curtains?

They are most commonly found in restaurants, grocery stores, food processing facilities, seafood distribution, produce distribution, hatcheries, meat manufacturers, wholesale bakeries, retail bakeries, clean rooms, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Can air curtains be installed outside?

Yes, air curtains can be installed outside. It is preferable for them to be covered by an awning or part of a building, but if that isn’t an option there are specialty curtains that can be made with wash-down housings and motors for more severe weather.

Are air curtains more effective inside or outside?

Technically, an air curtain is better when installed outside, but the difference is negligible. It’s usually better to install the units inside so they don’t get damaged by weather.

How do air curtains turn on?

Air curtains can be turned on manually on the unit, they can be wired to a light switch, or they can be activated with a microswitch. A microswitch is designed to turn the curtain on when the door opens and turn it off when the door closes. Microswitches are great for saving on energy and for eliminating user error (forgetting to turn the unit on).

Are air curtains effective?

Yes! The product is designed with the purpose of separating two spaces, usually at an exterior opening. The units are effective at preventing bugs, debris, dust, and other contaminants from entering buildings, and they are effective at preventing hot air from entering the building. Save energy by maintaining constant temperatures and protect environment from flying insects.

Can air curtains provide heat?

Yes! There are air curtains designed with a heating element for the coldest months. Heated curtains typically use electricity to provide the heat, but they can also be made to use a furnace or hot water.

How do I know which air curtain is right for me?

An air curtains is selected by the width and the height of the opening. They need to cover the entire width of the opening, and it is better to get an oversized air curtain than an undersized one. The power level or series of the air curtain is determined by how high the air curtain is installed from the ground. All air curtains come with two ratings, one for environment and one for bugs. These ratings will help determine which air curtain is the right one for every application.

What type of electricity do air curtains use?

The most common electricity for the smaller units is 115 volt/1-phase electric. There is also 208-230 volt/1-phase electric available for more energy efficiency. For the larger units, the most common electricity will be 460 volt/3-phase. When using electric heated air curtains, the 460 volt/3-phase is also the more common choice, and comes with a bigger heater to provide more power and heat with the unit.

Are they only for commercial applications?

No, but it is by far the most common use for them. They can also be used in residential settings, typically at the back door to prevent bugs from coming in the house during summer.

Are air curtains more effective than strip curtains?

Yes, air curtains prevent more energy loss than strip curtains. They also work better to keep bugs out, and they reduce on the loss of cold air.

Are air curtains loud?

They produce noise, and the more powerful they get the louder they become. They come with motors that have multiple speeds, so if noise is a concern, then you have the option to wire the curtain to a less powerful setting.

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Our products comply with health department standards by meeting CFM requirements. When selecting a commercial air curtain for Customer Entryways or Main Entryways, it is important to know the height of the opening to determine the right amount of air velocity to effectively place an air barrier from the outside air from coming inside.

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