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Air curtains for healthcare facilities

Air Curtains for Healthcare Facilities

Air curtains are machines designed to separate two spaces. The air doors take air into the machine and blow it downward to create an invisible barrier. Air fans are designed to keep contaminants and outside air from getting into the healthcare facility, and they are also designed to reduce on energy consumption by heaters and air conditioners. 

Air curtains for healthcare facilities are important for staying up to date on health codes and state laws that could be extremely strict. Air curtains will stop any contaminants or bugs from coming into the building during deliveries, and they will help stop dust and debris from coming into the business as well. Air curtains are a necessary part of the health code because they work well, and they will help to keep food or items from being spoiled and will help keep patients safer, healthier and more comfortable. 

Air doors are also designed to help keep the cold air out and maintain the temperature inside the building during winter. Healthcare facilities have strict standards regarding inside temperatures, which is why air curtains are so popular at the ER entry. By utilizing air curtains, hospitals don’t have to worry about losing the heat and making patients uncomfortable, and also can reduce their energy consumption by continuously heating the building. This also applies to the summer months with the air conditioning. Even though air curtains use electricity, it is far less energy than an air conditioner continuously laboring to keep the lobby and other parts of the building conditioned properly. 

Air curtains greatly reduce the energy costs for healthcare facility by saving on excess energy being used due to doors being left open. Whether it is the cafeteria delivery door being left open for a delivery, or an entry into the ER or other part of the healthcare facility, air curtains are the most effective way to reduce energy loss.

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