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Double Action Swinging Doors

Double Action Swinging Doors

What are Double Action Swinging Doors?

Double Action Swinging Doors are durable and built to withstand heavy traffic that may constantly bump into them. Yet these types of industrial swinging doors open with a light touch and can do so in both directions. They are the perfect solution for supermarket and warehouse traffic. Impact bumpers are a recommended addition for forklift and pallet traffic.

What are common uses for Swinging Doors?

Double Action Swinging Doors or traffic doors, provide two-way access through room entrances in commercial settings. They provide privacy by creating a “barrier” between rooms by allowing traffic to enter and exit with no problem. These traffic doors can be divided into three main categories for traffic: foot traffic, cart and pallet-jack traffic, and forklift traffic. The lightest and least expensive door is the foot traffic door. Its main purpose is to simply create a barrier between two rooms or spaces.

You can find these types of Double Action Swinging Doors in restaurants since restaurants do not require big objects on pallet jacks and forklifts to be constantly on the move. Our Pro Tuff doors and Tuff Lite doors are the best options for restaurants or similar businesses. These swinging doors are simple, elegant, and effective for restaurants, coffee shops and others.

Businesses with more pallet jack traffic and that are also concerned about air-conditioned spaces will probably be looking for something that is heavier duty. This typically means that our Ruff Tuff II doors will be the best option for the business. The Ruff Tuff II doors can be gasketed around the edges for temperature separation and can have impact plates installed for extra durability. The Ruff Tuff II is a great option for functionality without costing a fortune, and it is easy to open. For forklift traffic and big cooler applications, there is no better door than the Ruff Tuff V-Cam. The V-Cam door is the strongest on the market with its steel structured frame, its ABS plastic shell, its additional tear drop bumper bottom protection, and its insulation and gasketing for temperature.

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