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What are Fly Curtains?

Fly curtains, also known as air doors, fly fans, and air curtains, are devices designed to blow air down and create a barrier bugs can’t cross. They are a great way to keep bugs out of the business. These units are installed in a variety of businesses such as, restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, meat markets, supermarkets, produce distributors, seafood distributors, and wholesale bakeries. Fly curtains are primarily installed at front and back entries, but can also be used for drive-thru windows and bar windows. They come in a variety of designs to help keep noise down, hide their appearance in the ceiling, and be effective at different heights for different applications. Theses type of air curtains are the best way to keep customers happy, health inspectors away, and bugs outside. 

What are Fly Curtains good for?

Air curtains are great for maintaining temperature inside of buildings. Air curtains are particularly effective for keeping the cold air in and the warm out. Typically, air curtains are designed to go on exterior doors to prevent air conditioning from leaving the building, or to prevent cold air from coming into the building during the winter. However, some air curtains are used above coolers to prevent warm air from entering while the metal door is open. This helps to reduce energy consumption, makes food last longer, and allows the compressor for the cooler to last longer and work less hard. Air curtains are a perfect way to keep temperature separated without impeding functionality in a business. What this means is, you can keep doors open and allow customers to move more freely, or allow delivery drivers to move more freely, to increase productivity and make your business run better. 

Benefits of Fly Curtains

This type of air curtains are a great way to make customers happy! Fly curtains are not only functional for keeping the bugs out and the temperature in, but they are great to stand under on a hot day. Walking under an air curtain can instantly put a smile on the customer’s face, and it may make them more interested to walk into your business because you can leave the door open. Leaving the door open is a great way to make customers take a peek inside and venture into a store they may not have originally planned on entering. Knowing the specific reasons to choose air curtains will allow businesses to operate more efficiently, and keep customers happy, by keeping the outside separated from the inside!

Reasons to Choose Fly Curtains