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Heated Air Curtain

Heated Air Curtain

What is a Heated Air Curtain?

A Heated Air Curtain is a unit that installs above entrances such as a doorway or loading bays. They help keep temperature-controlled air inside and prevent drafts, dust, and insects from entering the facility. The heated air curtain creates an invisible barrier between two spaces by blowing high-speed air down. This type of air curtain is also called air door and air screen. The air barrier maintains separate temperatures between two spaces and reduces heated or cooled air loss. All this is achieved without obstructing vision or traffic through the opening.

The bigger the heated air curtain, the more expensive it will be. The fact that it is “heated” makes the price higher as well as if it needs additional accessories, such as brackets, microswitches, time delays or motor control panels. The brackets in heated air curtains are necessary for more complex installations. For example, if the air curtain is being placed in front of a window, needs to be set away from the door, or has something blocking the installation (such as an exit sign, sensor, or the housing for a roll-up door).


Heated air curtains are built to let air in through the front of the unit and blow it down to the ground. This causes a separation of temperature, bugs, debris, and other contaminants from entering a building. Microswitches help when it comes to automatically activate and deactivate the air door when the door it is above opens and closes. The switch reduces the energy consumption of the unit when the door it is above is closed.

This type of time delay also helps the air blower last longer. A time delay will allow the heated air curtain to run a little longer after the door has closed. This is because the door may continue to get reopened with continual traffic. The electric heat feature can be very valuable in cold temperatures as it will make the air curtain much nicer to walk under when entering from the cold outdoors.

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