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Hospital Air Curtains

Hospital Air Curtains

Hospital air curtains are mechanical devices designed to blow air downward and create an invisible barrier between two spaces. Hospital air curtains are regularly used in hospitals and various health facilities because it is important to keep patients comfortable or medicine at certain temperature. Hospital air curtains also help to make sure extra energy isn’t being used on heating or cooling the building. Hospitals have strict laws and standards dealing with maintaining the indoor temperature, which is why air curtains are so popular for their businesses. Emergency room doors are regularly opening and closing, which means the air is constantly escaping the building. By adding an air curtain above the entry, the hospital can keep the cold air out and the warm air in during the winter. This can save up to 30% on heating costs, and it can make customers much more comfortable while they wait to see the doctor. 

Hospital Air Curtain

Hospital Air Curtain Use

Hospital air curtains are also important in hospital cafeterias. Hospitals typically serve food, and they need to make sure there are no bugs or other contaminants coming into the building during deliveries. Therefore, they use air curtains at their delivery doors to make sure delivery drivers can leave doors open to operate more efficiently, and the hospital doesn’t have to worry about delivery drivers not shutting the door and letting bugs into the building. Hospitals have the strictest health codes because they deal with sick people, therefore anything that can help make things safer is a top priority for hospital procurement. Hospital air curtains are one of the best ways to reduce on energy and to keep food safe. Hospital air curtains are also important for keeping the instruments and lab samples from being contaminated. Exposing lab tests to the elements can cause serious injury, so air curtains are an important part of hospital exterior doors.

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