Industrial Air Curtain

Industrial Air Curtain

An industrial air curtain is one of the most ideal ways to help manufacturers and distributors keep their warehouses clean and comfortable when the dock doors are open. Industrial air fans are designed to take air into the machine and shoot it downward to create an invisible barrier to separate interior and exterior spaces. By shooting the air downward, businesses can keep the bugs, outside contaminants, and air from entering into the building. Industrial air blowers are the best way to maximize comfort and efficiency in a warehouse.

Air Curtain for Industrial Use

Industrial fly fans are designed to blow air down to keep bugs out of the business. Some of the businesses that use industrial air curtains are, grocery stores, warehouses, distribution centers, seafood and produce distributors, and wholesale bakeries. An Air curtain door allows businesses to keep dock doors open without worrying about the inside temperature rising and without concern about bugs or other contaminants getting into and spoiling the products. 

Industrial Air Curtain Price

Industrial air curtains are a great way to save on energy. Even though industrial air curtains are powered by electricity, the amount of energy they use is a tiny fraction of the energy a big industrial air conditioner consumes. This is why it is essential for businesses to use industrial air curtains to help keep their costs down, their spaces comfortable and clean, and keep their other equipment running better, longer. 

Industrial air curtains are also much nicer to use than strip curtains. Strip curtains get damaged very easily, get dirty, and become hard to see through. They will cost extra in labor and time to replace and keep nice, and they will be more vandalized by employees that don’t like them. Industrial air curtains are an invisible barrier that are much nicer to walk through and create much better visibility. This is why industrial air curtains are the best option for dock doors.

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