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Kitchen Swing Doors

What are Kitchen Swing Doors?

Kitchen swing doors are commonly used in restaurant kitchens and other commercial settings. If you are searching for new door design options, we invite you to consider these types of swing doors. Kitchen Swing doors are also known as restaurant swinging door, restaurant door, restaurant kitchen door, commercial kitchen doors, and commercial swinging doors. These are all the same and their names are interchangeable. Kitchen swing doors have come a long way and don’t have to look like the swing doors you see in those old Western films there are many designs to select from.


Kitchen swing doors are exclusive in that they allow the user to enter from both sides of the doors without the need of a handle to get them to open. They simply swing out from either side when the user pushes through them. Unlike a single door, cafe doors come in sets of two. The setup is simple, a door is attached to each side of the doorway and the user passes through the doors when they open up from the center, where the two doors meet.

What are some uses for Kitchen Swing Doors?

Kitchens aren’t the only setting where these types of swing doors are used; they are commonly used in and have proven to be very helpful in food and drink situations. For example, waiters and waitresses carrying platters of food don’t have a free hand to fumble with a door handle. An added benefit to all this is that kitchen swing doors allow for privacy when it comes to blocking customers’ view of a restaurant’s kitchen. Another use for these types of swing doors are dressing room areas in department stores. The same idea applies here. The swinging doors provide privacy while leaving entry and exiting easy, even if your arms are occupied.

Swing doors are meant allow employees to work at the highest levels of productivity and can also play a part when it comes to employee satisfaction due to their ease of use. All business owners and their employees would rather not have their energy and/or time taken up by tedious tasks, so they will definitely appreciate the user “friendliness” of swing doors. When it comes to understanding how to properly select the correct swinging door, it is really important to make sure the door will operate as it should and that it will not “break the bank”. We are ready to answer all your questions and/or concerns and will help you choose the correct door for your needs.

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