Magnetic Lock Kit

The magnetic lock kit is our newest option for each style of the double swing traffic doors. The magnetic lock is designed to create additional resistance and stop the doors from swinging open when not being used. The double swing bump doors often require less than a pound of pressure to open, which means negative air pressure, wind, and even some hood exhaust fans can cause the door to open. The mag lock will create the necessary resistance to stop this from happening, and will help to keep the door functional for privacy and sanitation purposes. The mag lock is available for our Pro Tuff, Ruff Tuff II, and Ruff Tuff V-Cam doors.

The double acting doors are designed to meet the needs of all applications based on the type of traffic going through the doors. We have three main categories, the Pro Tuff, the Ruff Tuff II, and the Ruff Tuff V-Cam. The Pro Tuff door is our lightest duty option and is specifically designed for foot traffic. These doors are typically installed at restaurants, cafes, and anywhere else that has small openings with light traffic going through the door. The magnetic lock is a great option for these doors because they are light and easy to open, and they are often the doors that need extra resistance to stop from opening when unnecessary. The Ruff Tuff II door is our medium-duty option, and this door is designed for grocery stores, department stores, light commercial manufacturing, and anywhere else that has foot-traffic, cart-traffic, and hand-trucks.

These doors use the same hinge system as the Pro Tuff, and are often needed to keep private areas separated from the general public. The magnetic lock kit is the perfect option to help add the necessary resistance to stop this door from being opened by negative air pressure. The V-Cam double swing door is our heaviest duty door, and it is designed for heavy manufacturing, hatcheries, seafood distributors, produce distributors, and anywhere else that uses motorized machinery.

These doors are also designed with insulation and full-perimeter gasketing, which is meant to keep spaces conditioned and reduce on energy loss. The magnetic lock system is critical for these doors because staying sealed can be the difference between major losses of energy, keeping products fresher longer, areas sanitary from dust and debris, and eliminating issues with privacy.

The magnetic door lock is the best solution on the market for preventing double swinging doors from opening when it isn’t wanted, and helping businesses to function more efficiently and effectively with their intended purposes.

Magnetic Double Acting Door Closer

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