Mars Air Curtains

Mars air curtains are mechanical pieces of equipment designed to create an invisible barrier between two spaces. Air curtains are built to take air in through the front of the unit and blow it down to the ground, causing a separation of temperature, bugs, debris, and other contaminants from entering a building. The prices of air curtains are reflected in their width, size, and the type of air they produce.

Mars Air Curtains Cost

The bigger the air curtain, the more expensive it will be. Also, if it needs additional accessories, such as brackets, microswitches, time delays, motor control panels, or heat, then the prices can also greatly increase. The brackets are necessary for more complicated installations in which the air curtain is being placed in front of a window, needs to be set away from the door, or has something blocking the installation (such as an exit sign, sensor, or the housing for a roll-up door).

Mars Air Curtains

Door Air Curtain Price

Fly fan microswitches are helpful for automatically activating and deactivating the air door when the door it is above opens and closes. The switch eliminates user error, and it reduces the energy consumption of the unit when the door it is above is closed. The time delay also helps the air blower last longer, because the air door being activated and deactivated more frequently can burn out the motor fan assembly. Adding a time delay allows the air curtain to run a little longer after the door has closed in case it continues to get reopened with a high amount of traffic. The electric heat feature can be very valuable during the winter as it will make the fly fan much nicer to walk under when entering a restaurant from the cold outdoors.

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