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Plastic Window Covers

Plastic Curtains

Plastic window covers, also known as plastic curtains, plastic strips, plastic doors, plastic door curtains, and plastic strip curtains are critical for ensuring a food producing facility keeps their products fresh, their coolers cool, and their energy consumption to a minimum. Any restaurant, grocery store, convenience store, bakery, produce distributor, seafood processor or drink manufacturer will tell you that plastic curtains (sometimes known as a plastic door cover) are necessary to keep products fresh, costs down, and equipment running longer.

Plastic Window Cover & Plastic Door Cover Facts

  • Guaranteed to save money on energy when installed properly
  • Keep perishables colder and increase shelf life
  • Reduce compressor damage
  • Block out wind and high temperatures
  • Block out flying insects, birds, dust, and debris
  • Control dust, sound, smoke and fumes
  • PVC strip doors are inherently sound resistant
  • Our plastic curtains or plastic strip curtains are designed for several applications: truck doors, welding booths, noise barriers, labs/clean rooms, conveyor systems, smoking areas, barns and stables, patio doors
  • Reduce fuel consumption up to 50% in refrigerated trucks
  • Customizable options: custom heights, custom strip width, custom strip gauge, strip color
  • Proudly made in the USA

Bulk Roll Stock for Plastic Window Covers and Plastic Door Curtains

Bulk Roll Stock is used to make plastic strips. This is an affordable do-it-yourself way to make the perfect curtain for you. Bulk Roll Stock is both FDA and USDA approved!

Plastic curtains are critical for making sure coolers can maintain their temperature while deliveries are being made and while employees are retrieving ingredients for making food. If the cooler door is open and a strip curtain is not installed, the cooler temperature can rise 20 degrees within 15 minutes due to a lack of barrier between the warm air outside and the inside of the cooler. It can take hours to bring that cooler temperature back down to the proper levels after the temperature has risen due to the door being left open. Therefore, the plastic window covers and plastic door covers are necessary for every business that needs to refrigerate their foods.

Plastic Curtains

Social Shield Plastic Curtains

In the current market environment it is more important than ever that there is a method of separating people in production and the ability to keep manufacturing and factories open. This is where we rely heavily on a quality plastic door setup to maintain hygiene and the environment.

A plastic strip door curtain serving as a social shield will provide a very economical solution for separating people and cutting down the risk of contamination. The plastic strip door curtains can be cleaned and replaced easily.

Plastic strip door curtains currently comes in different sizes from 4” – 60” in width.

Plastic Window Covers Energy Savings

Plastic doors or strip curtains can pay for themselves in as little as two months, through energy savings and reduction of food spoilage. There is nothing worse than throwing away product that has not been consumed due to negligence and a lack of preparation for daily business activities. Plastic strip curtains are also necessary for reducing outside debris and other environmental materials from entering a facility.

Plastic Strips

Plastic Strips Installation

Plastic strips can be installed inside of exterior roll-up doors to insulate a business, keep birds from flying in, and prevent dust and other contaminants from entering the space. This is especially critical for major produce, seafood, bakery, and food manufacturers that load large amounts of food on pallets for trucks to deliver to restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, meat markets, and anyone else that sells these products.

Benefits of a Plastic Door Curtain or Plastic Strip Curtain

Plastic strip door curtains increase sanitation, help maintain temperatures and reduce costly hydro. Tinted and Colored plastic door curtains are also available for added privacy and reduced visibility. Anti Scratch Ribbed plastic door strips offer greater durability against forklifts and machines. Vinyl strips for strip doors are available in a variety of widths and thickness to meet your application requirements. Transparent vinyl doors permit easy passage while reducing heat or cold losses, help to seal off high dust areas and also effective as a noise barrier. The see-thru feature prevents collisions and accidents at doorways. Vinyl or plastic door strips are easy to clean and resist many chemicals.

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