Stainless Vs. Aluminum Traffic Doors

Stainless steel traffic doors are becoming more popular as aluminum traffic doors are being phased out. The main advantage to the stainless door is the functionality in environments that tend to be very harsh on doors. Stainless steel is a much harder metal than aluminum, which means people can kick it without creating long-lasting damage or negative effects. The aluminum doors tend to warp, get dented, and eventually crack over time, which can create problems in restaurants and grocery stores when dealing with repairs and replacements. When an aluminum door cracks, it causes bacteria to build up and create an unsanitary environment, something people don’t have to worry about regarding stainless. Aluminum is also much harder to maintain because it is more fragile, and in a category of doors that are designed to be bumped and nicknamed impact doors, that’s not ideal.

Stainless doors are more expensive in the short-term, but they make up for that pricing in the long-term. Stainless doors are designed to never be replaced, whereas the aluminum doors have a limited lifespan depending on how well they are treated. Typically, aluminum traffic doors are about 60% of the cost of a stainless door, so once you replace the door with a new aluminum door, you have already spent more time and money on the door than if you had purchased a stainless door to start. Assuming you are wanting to be in business for a long time, it doesn’t make sense to purchase something that is designed to fail within the timeframe you are using it, when you could purchase something that will last forever. Stainless steel doors make up for the initial higher cost by outperforming and outlasting their aluminum counterparts.

Stainless doors look better and are easier to clean and maintain. Stainless doors have a nicer finished look because of their shine, and with a stainless cleaner they are easier to keep looking new than the aluminum doors. The aluminum doors tend to look flat, and over time with the dents and other damage they will not be able to be brought back to original condition. Stainless will never dent or warp, so you can keep your door looking new for years.

Not only is stainless more sanitary than the aluminum doors, but they are also more functional, longer-lasting, and cheaper when dealing with replacements. It’s simply the best option.

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