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Swing Café Doors

Swing Café Doors

What are Swing Café Doors?

Swing café doors are very much like swinging saloon doors and swinging bar doors. These type of swinging doors separate potentially hazardous areas or areas restricted to “employees” only from the general population. Swinging café doors are different from other types of swinging doors in that they provide a more aesthetic appeal, which is just a great option for areas where you just want to create a “visual separation”.

These types of swinging doors come equipped with XL Ultra Soft Touch Hinging System, an industry standard. This hinging system is hidden in the rear spine, so it eliminates unattractive parts or cutouts for a more sophisticated design. In addition, the hinge allows for extra wide opening, which reduces damage to the jamb. Some models may also come with a gravity assist hinge system, which helps the flexible doors close instantly.

Components & Benefits

Swing café doors have three main components in their construction. Tempered hardboard is at the core of the door; it is framed with galvanized steel and followed by an elastomeric spray coating. These components make swing café doors exceptionally durable and functional in many types of locations. The elastomeric coating is very easy to maintain and keep sanitary. Just a little soap and water will help keep all germs, bacteria, and mold at bay. The elastomeric coating also does not need to be touched up or reapplied throughout the lifecycle of the door. Bottom protection can be added to offer better protection in the case that carts or heavier duty traffic is traffic that will continually be coming through the door. Typically, impact plates are suggested for the bottom portion of the door if it is non-motorized traffic that will be coming through.

Swing café doors are commonly used instead of single acting doors because people are regularly traveling with large items, pallet jacks, forklifts, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and other items or machines that need the use of both hands. This means the employees are able to travel through a space without stopping because they do not need to use their hands to open or close a door that is separating the spaces. 

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Our products comply with health department standards by meeting CFM requirements. When selecting a commercial air curtain for Customer Entryways or Main Entryways, it is important to know the height of the opening to determine the right amount of air velocity to effectively place an air barrier from the outside air from coming inside.

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