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A traffic door bumper is critical for keeping your double swing doors lasting longer. A door stop, as the name suggests, is a product designed to be hit by all types of traffic and equipment, which is why the bottom of the doors need protection so they don’t get damaged. Some of the businesses that use door bumpers on their doors are: grocery stores, department stores, furniture stores, manufacturing warehouses, seafood distribution, produce distribution, and wholesale bakeries. Saloon doors are often used by foot-traffic (people walking through them), cart traffic (push-carts, dollies), and even motorized traffic (forklifts, cherry pickers, scissor lifts), which is where you will want to utilize a door bumper guard or a rubber door bumper. In the situation where businesses use carts and motorized traffic, it is crucial for the bottom of the door to have a door stop, because those items hitting the door will potentially damage and ruin the impact doors.

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A Swinging kitchen door is a great way to separate spaces and keep businesses more efficient. By dividing spaces in a warehouse or other type of building, businesses can compartmentalize their tasks and operations better and get more use out of their square footage. A hatchery, for example, can have eggs hatching in one room and chickens laying eggs in another. Forklifts moving the eggs from one room to the next are a great way to be efficient, and is one of the main reasons a door stop or door bumper is necessary. By being able to bump the door, instead of getting out of the forklift and raising a roll-up door or turning a handle for a single-acting door, the forklift can make more trips through the facility. This means door stops and door bumpers are extremely necessary and effective for helping businesses stay efficient as they will great enhance the lifespan of the door when forklifts and other motorized traffic is hitting the opening. 

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