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Double Action Swinging Doors

What are Restaurant Swinging Doors?

Restaurant swinging doors, also known as traffic doors, impact doors, bump doors, double swing doors, double acting doors, dual acting doors, and kitchen doors, are the specialty doors designed to swing in both directions. One of the most common applications for these doors is in restaurants, separating the kitchen from the dining room. The ability for the doors to swing in both directions allows for staff to pass between rooms without stopping, putting food or dishes down, or touching handles. These doors are a perfect way to keep rooms separated while still optimizing the business for efficiency.

Restaurant swinging doors are customizable to fit any layout. Some restaurants don’t have the ability for a door to swing widely, typically because there is something obstructing one of the sides, such as tables for diners or a sink for dishwashers, so a double paneled system is available for tight fitting spaces. Restaurant doors can also come in a variety of colors, as well as a stainless version for a more modern look.

Restaurant Swinging Doors
Commercial Kitchen Door

Restaurant swinging doors are commonly found in a variety of other businesses, as well. Some of the other businesses where double swing doors can be found are, grocery stores, coffee shops, bars, cafes, warehouses, produce distribution, seafood distributions, wholesale bakeries, retail bakeries, department stores, and furniture shops. These doors can be made to withstand all types of traffic, including foot traffic, cart traffic, pallet jacks, forklifts, scissor lifts, cherry pickers, and any other type of machinery that may need to be pushed or driven through the opening. These doors can be installed with a bottom protection, either an impact plate or tear drop bumper, to help protect any damage that may occur from the impact of equipment hitting the doors.

Restaurant swinging doors are the premier way to make sure your restaurant is operating smoothly.