What are Warm Air Curtains?

Warm Air Curtains are specially made to warm the jet of the unit. The warm air is used to avoid feeling a cold jet of air when going through the doorway. It is also used to warm the air coming in at the entrance.

Benefits of a Warm Air Curtain

Most warm air curtains are installed horizontally at the top of an opening. This allows air to be expelled from top to bottom. This helps keep a climate area (heated or cooled) from the influx of outside air such as an open doorway. This will help reduce energy costs by keeping heated or cooled air within the atmosphere. When properly installed an air curtain can help save big on energy. This is especially true when compared to a door or opening without an air curtain. Take for example winter time. During this time an air curtain can create a barrier that keeps cold air out.

A True Companion

It is important to mention that an air curtain is not an air conditioner. Rather, it can serve as a companion to an air conditioner by helping it use less energy, perform better and last longer. By protecting openings, warm air curtains halt the infiltration of exterior air. This provides support to the air conditioning unit by improving performance and helps it maintain comfortable internal temperatures. When air conditioners do not have to cycle on as much with the help of an air curtain, maintenance is kept low and this increases the lifespan of the equipment. By reducing the burden on the air conditioning unit, air curtains play a big role in reducing associated costs.

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