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Commercial Kitchen Door

What is a Commercial Kitchen Door?

A commercial kitchen door is a specific type of door that swings in both directions without the use of a handle, or any other type of hardware, to open the door.

These doors are utilized in commercial kitchens because they can swing both ways, and they allow staff to pass through them with their hands full. A commercial kitchen door is also commonly referred to as, traffic door, impact door, bump door, double swing door, double acting door, dual acting door, and restaurant door. These doors are typically used to separate the kitchen from the dining area, which helps to keep the noise down, and helps to keep the work in the kitchen from being viewed by the customers. Commercial kitchen doors can also be fully gasketed to help keep bugs out, keep smells in, and can keep rooms conditioned and reduce energy loss.

Discount Commercial Kitchen Door
Commercial Kitchen Door
Commercial Traffic Door

You can find a commercial kitchen door in a variety of other businesses. Some of those businesses include, grocery stores, department stores, cafes, warehouses, produce distributors, meat and seafood distributors, manufacturing facilities, hatcheries, and many more! These doors are perfect for all types of traffic, such as foot-traffic, cart-traffic, forklift traffic, and pallet jacks. By adding bottom protection to the doors, they can be hit by anything without causing damage to the equipment or the doors. The doors can also be insulated and installed in coolers or freezers. This will help to keep the walk-in boxes conditioned and stop energy loss, while also maintaining ease of access to the walk-in boxes. This can also help prevent employees from accidentally closing themselves in the box and getting trapped.

Double swing traffic doors are easy to maintain and keep in good condition. Because of the coating on the door, the doors are able to be easily cleaned, are very durable, and do not need to be re-coated, painted, or touched up throughout the lifespan of the door.