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What are Mars Air Curtains?

Mars air curtains are devices designed to be installed above doors and create an invisible barrier using air. Typically, these devices are installed above exterior doors, and are used to keep warm air, dust, debris, bugs, and other contaminants from entering a building. Some of the most common businesses that use mars air curtains are, restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, warehouses, manufacturers, produce distributors, seafood distributors, wholesale bakeries, retail bakeries, and pizza shops. Air curtains can also have different names, such as, air doors, fly fans, air fans, bug fans, bug blowers, fly blowers, and air blowers. Air curtains are very effective for keeping businesses clean and sanitary, as well as reducing the energy consumption from air conditioning.

what are air curtains

Air curtains are designed to replace other barriers that may reduce efficiency. Air curtains can be used to allow restaurants to keep their doors open and create a more welcoming appeal, they can be designed to keep coolers and freezers open to allow guests to enter and exit more easily, and they can be used to keep dock doors open to allow for loading and unloading of materials more efficiently. Air curtains create a barrier without having a door or other material in the opening, which allows for ease of access in and out of these spaces.

Air doors are one of the best ways to keep health inspectors happy. Air curtains are a great way to allow restaurants to keep open concepts and more doors open without issues from the inspectors. The inspectors want to make sure all food environments are kept as clean and sanitary as possible, and the best way to do that is to create as many barriers as possible. Air curtains allow for these spaces to stay open while preventing the bugs and debris from getting into the kitchen, which allows restaurants to operate without concern of being shut down.