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Commercial Traffic Door

What is a Traffic Door?

A traffic door is a “hand less” door that can be opened in either direction. The door is specifically designed to optimize travel between two spaces while keeping the spaces distinct and separate. Traffic doors have many other names such as, impact doors, bump doors, restaurant doors, kitchen doors, double swing doors, dual swing doors, dual acting doors, and swinging doors. These doors are most commonly found in food industry related businesses, such as restaurants, grocery stores, wholesale bakeries, retail bakeries, seafood distribution, produce distribution, hatcheries, and meat processors. The doors can also be found in nonfood related businesses such as warehouses, car washes, and department stores. The utility for these doors is fairly large as they provide one of the best means to carry and push heavy objects from room to another without issues.

Traffic doors come in a variety of styles for every application. Some traffic doors are lighter because there isn’t heavy usage. Typically, the lightest doors, Pro Tuffs, are found in restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. These doors are going to be strictly designed for foot traffic, only. If the business has carts, pallet jacks, or other non-motorized heavier traffic, then they will need the next tier of door, the Ruff Tuff II. Typically, the medium duty door has other options, such as impact plates and bumpers to protect the bottom of the door, and full perimeter gasketing to create a complete seal. These features are popular because they protect the door from damage, and they allow the business to operate without concerns of materials or noise transferring from one room to another due to the gasketing creating a complete seal.

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Commercial Traffic Door
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If there is motorized traffic, then the heaviest duty doors, the Ruff Tuff V-Cam would be the best option. This door has an internally welded frame for maximum strength, and is typically outfitted with bottom bumpers, insulation, and full perimeter gasketing. These doors are designed for every type business that has a lot of heavy traffic.