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Two Way Swinging Door

What is a Two Way Swinging Door?

A two way swinging door is a rugged swinging door that opens in either direction. These types of doors are made to take a beating! They can withstand carts, dollies, forklifts and/or people ramming or pushing them open constantly. Two way swinging doors usually have a window so employees avoid collision with eachotehr going opposite directions. The doors are manufactured from high strength composite materials to extend durability and service life. They also typically have gravity hinges that help alleviate the need for springs or hydraulics for rebound.

Swinging Door Uses

Two way swinging doors are used to separate two spaces, provide privacy and easily swing in both directions. These types of doors are also known as impact doors, bump doors, restaurant doors, kitchen doors, double acting doors and dual acting doors. They help minimize issues of stopping, pulling/pushing the door(s) or having to put down products to open the doors. The two way swinging doors will help employees operate at the highest levels of productivity. This will lead to higher employee satisfaction of their positions.

Restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, department stores, warehouses, seafood processing facilities and wholesale bakers are among the business that may use a two way swinging door. These businesses use these doors to keep customers out of private areas, maintain temperature and to organize or compartmentalize. Some of these doors come with gasketing and insulation. Gasketing helps store cold air in coolers and prevent the warm air from getting into the units. So, these doors are a great way to help employees get in and out efficiently, and also prevent them from locking themselves into the coolers. 

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