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what are air curtains

What is an Air Blower?

An air blower, also known as an air curtain or air door, is a machine that blows a precise stream of air from one end to another to create an air seal. This air seal helps in separating different environments and at the same time it allows for a smooth, continuous flow of traffic as well as visibility through the opening. An air blower provides energy savings and comfort due to the fact that is helps in containing heated or conditioned air when properly applied in industrial or commercial settings. As an added benefit, they also help to stop pollutants and flying insects from entering a specific area.

How does an Air Blower work?

As mentioned, air blowers are great for maintaining temperature in refrigerated or controlled environments, maintaining clean rooms, and keeping insects or other contaminating particles away from production environments.

  1. The unit brings in air through the intake once powered.
  2. The air that comes into the unit enters the “fan housing” and it is here where it is accelerated.
  3. The accelerated air goes into what is called a “plenum”. The plenum helps to ensure the air is evenly distributed along the discharge nozzle.
  4. The nozzle then creates an air stream that is uniformed and with minimal.
  5. The nozzle’s discharged air creates a jet stream to the floor.

Air blowers vary in prices. This all depend on selected or needed features, unit application, and other specific requirements. Discount Commercial Doors offers products of the highest quality and low shipments that are available upon request. Our products comply with health department standards by meeting CFM requirements. When selecting a commercial air curtain for Customer Entryways or Main Entryways, it is important to know the height of the opening to determine the right amount of air velocity to effectively place an air barrier from the outside air from coming inside. For more information regarding our air curtains or other products like traffic doors, please call (844)-246-2355, or e-mail