What is an Air Curtain?

An air curtain is a motorized piece of equipment designed to blow air downward and create an invisible barrier. Air curtains are utilized by businesses that want to separate two spaces, but don’t want a door or other type of barrier that would be installed inside of the opening. Air curtains are primarily designed to keep bugs out of businesses, and to keep cold air inside of businesses and coolers. Air curtains can also be called, air doors, air fans, fly fans, air blowers, fly blowers, and fly doors. Some of the businesses that utilize air curtains are, restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, seafood distributors, produce distributors, meat distributors, dispensaries,farms, retail bakeries, and wholesale bakeries.

Air curtains are primarily used to separate spaces at an exterior opening. The most common areas air curtains can be found are, front and back doors, drive-thrus, and dock doors. Air curtains can also be used to keep the cold air in walk-in boxes, and are used inside buildings that have areas with dust, debris, or other materials that are needed to be kept out of specified areas. Air curtains are also capable of being heated, and are sometimes used to provide heat to the entries of restaurants and grocery stores in cold climates. The most common type of air curtains with heat use electricity, but there are options for gas, hot water, and steam.

Air Curtain
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Air doors are effective for keeping bugs out, but they are also helpful for keeping health inspectors happy. If a restaurant or other business has an open concept, an air curtain is one of the best ways to keep the bugs out, and to pass any inspection concerns that may arise. Typically, air curtains are utilized at the exterior areas of these businesses, but sometimes they can be used inside to help mitigate any concerns with bugs entering food and prep areas.

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