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What is an Air Curtain?

An air curtain is a motorized piece of equipment designed to blow air downward and create an invisible barrier. Air curtains are utilized by businesses that want to separate two spaces, but don’t want a door or other type of barrier that would be installed inside of the opening. Air curtains are primarily designed to …

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Commercial Traffic Door

What is a Traffic Door?

A traffic door is a “hand less” door that can be opened in either direction. The door is specifically designed to optimize travel between two spaces while keeping the spaces distinct and separate. Traffic doors have many other names such as, impact doors, bump doors, restaurant doors, kitchen doors, double swing doors, dual swing doors, …

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air curtain price

Air Curtain Price

Air curtain price can vary due to needs in unit features, specific applications and/or installation requirements.  They are very effective for reducing energy consumption and shortening run times of air handler or compressors. Size matters when it comes to air curtain price. For this reason it is an important part to consider when talking about air …

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Double Acting Doors

Dual Acting Doors

What are Dual Acting Doors? Dual acting doors are also known as double-swing doors, double acting doors, swing doors and traffic doors. These types of traffic doors are usually found in restaurant kitchens, shipping facilities, loading docks, and grocery stores. Dual acting doors don’t have door handles. Door handles are not present since the purpose …

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