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Discount Commercial Doors is an industry leader in high-quality, cost-friendly double swing traffic doors. We are American made offering restaurant doors, cafe doors, and custom swinging doors. We have traffic doors for every application, and our customer service is extremely knowledgeable about every industry. Please give us a call today for a free quote on your commercial doors, air doors, double acting doors, cooler doors, and more!

We specialize in kitchen doors, supermarket doors, impact doors, and restaurant doors. We also are a manufacturer of commercial swing doors, traffic doors, bump doors, double-acting doors, and air curtains. We also provide cooler doors, strip curtains, plastic strips, plastic door flaps, restaurant doors, and fly fans. Our products are made in the US with the highest quality.

Discount Commercial Doors is a proud American company that specializes in commercial doors. Some of our products include, warehouse doors, strip curtains, double swing doors, traffic doors, impact doors, cooler doors, air doors, and strip doors. We provide the highest quality products at affordable prices. Please give us a call for your free quote today!