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Magnetic Swing Door Lock Kit

Magnetic Lock Kit

The magnetic lock kit is our newest option for each style of the double swing traffic doors The magnetic lock is designed to create additional... Read More -->
Stainless Steel Double Doors

Stainless Vs. Aluminum Traffic Doors

Stainless steel traffic doors are becoming more popular as aluminum traffic doors are being phased out The main advantage to the stainless door is... Read More -->
Ruff Tuff Ii White V Cam Door

White Double Swing Doors Available

Double swing traffic doors are now available in white! The previous color selection was black, blue, brown, red, green, gray, and beige, but now... Read More -->
Business Doors

What are Mars Air Curtains?

Mars air curtains are devices designed to be installed above doors and create an invisible barrier using air Typically, these devices are installed... Read More -->
Business Doors

What is an Air Curtain?

An air curtain is a motorized piece of equipment designed to blow air downward and create an invisible barrier Air curtains are utilized by... Read More -->
Double Action Swinging Doors

What are Restaurant Swinging Doors?

Restaurant swinging doors, also known as traffic doors, impact doors, bump doors, double swing doors, double acting doors, dual acting doors, and... Read More -->
Commercial Traffic Door

What is a Traffic Door?

A traffic door is a "hand less" door that can be opened in either direction The door is specifically designed to optimize travel between two spaces... Read More -->
Commercial Kitchen Door

What is a Commercial Kitchen Door?

A commercial kitchen door is a specific type of door that swings in both directions without the use of a handle, or any other type of hardware, to... Read More -->
Two Way Swinging Door

What is a Two Way Swinging Door?

A two way swinging door is a rugged swinging door that opens in either direction These types of doors are made to take a beating! They can withstand... Read More -->
Warm Air Curtains

What are Warm Air Curtains?

Warm Air Curtains are specially made to warm the jet of the unit The warm air is used to avoid feeling a cold jet of air when going through the... Read More -->