Mars LoPro 2 (LPV2 Series)

The LPV2 series is sleek, quiet, with a consumer-friendly design that makes it perfect for customer entry and areas where noise is a concern. LPV2 models have a variable speed control, allowing you to turn the air column up or down to suit your needs. It has 1/6 HP motor, the standard color is Obsidian Black and heated options are available. For Sanitation Certified versions of this model, click here: ETL Sanitation Certified.

  • 18-month warranty
  • 5-year warranty
  • Aesthetically Pleasing “Low Profile” 8″ Design
  • Certifications
  • Corrosion Resistant Powder Coated Finish
  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Durable metal design
  • Easy install mounting plate
  • Easy To Install
  • Environmental Protection: 8’
  • Flying-insects Protection: 7’
  • Freight included
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low-profile metal design
  • Made in USA
  • Motor fan assembly
  • Sleek metal design
  • Standard color: Obsidian Black (matte)
  • Variable-speed controller or direct-drive motor


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Air doors are the best way to keep bugs out of your business. Air doors, also referred to as air curtains, fly fans, and air blowers, are machines designed to be installed above the door jamb at the entrance of your business. The air doors can be installed on the inside or outside of the building. Air doors are designed to take air into the machine and then shoot it downward to create an invisible barrier. This barrier is designed to prevent bugs, air, dust, debris, and pollen from getting into the business. Some businesses that use air doors are, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, produce distributors, seafood distributors, bakeries, cannabis manufacturers, cultivation plants, warehouses and anywhere else that needs to create a separation between the outdoors and indoors of the business while keeping the door open for business related matters. The air curtains are perfect because the barrier does not impede traffic and allows for the flow of business to operate more efficiently without worrying about opening and closing doors. It also prevents issues with health inspections, in particular for any businesses with food.

Air curtains serve a similar purpose to strip curtains but are less likely to be destroyed. Strip curtains are often seen as a nuisance by employees, and are regularly tampered with after being installed. Some employees will tie the strip curtains off to the side of the opening, will cut them down, or will tear them out. This means the strip curtains will be ineffective for keeping warm air out of a cooler and will be a complete waste of money. The strip curtains also regularly need to be replaced much more than air curtains. Air curtains have a warranty of five years for unheated versions and eighteen months for the heated air curtains, and air curtains regularly last for over twenty years. Strip curtains are designed to last for six months to a year, and will eventually cost as much as an air curtain for replacement materials. They also will not work as well at reducing energy costs. Finally, strip curtains can have issues with contamination due to dragging across food products. In particular, meat processors cannot use strip curtains because it is a violation of health code, and is a relatively dangerous product to have when pushing carts of uncovered meats through their facility.

Air Doors
Air Doors