Pro Tuff

Light-Medium Duty Pro Tuff Traffic Doors

  • Features .375” thick door panels
  • Steel support edge doublers enhance design and door panel strength
  • Easy to open and easy for employees to walk through
  • Built specifically for foot traffic going between kitchen and dining areas in restaurants, or for other commercial areas with foot traffic. Not recommended for use with push carts.
  • Available in black, grey, blue, green, brown, red and beige (see spec sheet for color pallet)
  • Each door panel features a 3/16 polycarbonate window set in a high-impact urethane frame
  • All hardware is aluminum and stainless steel and is included
  • Customizable options: custom sizes, ABS impact panels, limit posts

Purchase Options

Single Panel Doors are only available in 30" width & 36" width.
Double Panel Doors not available in 30" width.

Our restaurant doors are extremely easy to clean, very good for visibility, impressively strong for durability, and perfect for noise reduction. They are also the premier tool for separating the kitchen from the dining room.  The double swing door is much more sanitary than a curtain or other fabric material, and extremely easy to clean. A small amount of soap and water can sanitize the door for daily use and stop contamination. Windex is a perfect product for keeping the windows clear and clean. The doors come with windows built in to make sure staff can see each side of the restaurant, and the rest of the material is opaque to prevent customers from viewing the kitchen. The traffic doors are made with a solid wood core, steel framing, and an elastomeric coating, which is the toughest materials on the market. Double acting doors can withstand the impact of all traffic and will continue to look great after many years of use.

Preventing Noise with Restaurant Doors

The kitchen swing doors also prevent noise from effecting the environment for diners. There is nothing worse than a restaurant with a noisy kitchen that is ruining the ambience and not allowing for good conversation. The restaurant swing doors have very small gaps around the edges which causes the doors to prevent most noise from getting to the dining room, and a seal, called gasketing, can be added for even better noise reduction and temperature separation. The gasketing can keep the hot air from the kitchen away from the air conditioning in the restaurant, which will enhance the dining experience for the patrons. The restaurant kitchen doors are a necessary feature of all kitchens and will be necessary for all future kitchens and restaurant construction. They are critical to the flow and functionality of any restaurant. Learn more about our Restaurant Doors by giving us a call today: (844) 246-2355.

Restaurant Doors
Restaurant Doors
Restaurant Doors