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What are traffic doors?

Traffic doors are commercial doors that separate two spaces and swing in both directions. Traffic doors, also known as impact doors, bump doors, restaurant doors, kitchen doors, double acting doors, dual acting doors, and double swing doors are designed with the purpose of creating different spaces without impeding efficiency. In other words, these doors allow people to continue their work without issues of stopping, pulling/pushing the door(s), putting down the products to open the doors, having assistants assist with the doors, or simply leaving product at the door for someone else to deal with while they return to their duties. The traffic doors will allow employees to operate at the highest levels of productivity and will also lead to higher employee satisfaction of their positions. Employees, similarly to owners, do not want their time or energy wasted, so they will appreciate a business that is constructed to be as user friendly as possible.

How are they used?

Traffic doors are designed for many types of businesses. The main businesses that use traffic doors are, restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, department stores, warehouses, seafood processing facilities, produce distributors, and wholesale bakers. These businesses uses these doors because they help to keep customers out of private areas, they help to maintain temperature, they help to reduce sound and other unwanted items from invading the customer experience, and they help organize and compartmentalize businesses to be more efficient. Some of these doors are built with gasketing and insulation to help store cold air in coolers and prevent the warm air from getting into the units. These doors are a great way to help employees get in and out efficiently, and also prevent them from locking themselves into the coolers. 

Traffic doors are made from the strongest materials. These doors have wood cores, steel frames, abs sheaths, impact plates or tear drop bumpers to protect from cart damage, and an elastomeric coating to protect the door’s core from moisture and other elements that can harm the door. The elastomeric coating is extremely easy to clean, just needs soap and water, is the most sanitary surface for a commercial restaurant. Double swing doors are the most functional, and aesthetically pleasing, separation devices on the market. They can withstand any impact, including people, pallet jacks, forklifts, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and any other type of motorized machinery. Learn more about warehouse doors, supermarket doors or cafe doors – give us a call at (844) 246-2355 to find out more.