Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know how to find the right Commercial Traffic Door? What type of clients do you serve?

Discount Commercial Doors is an industry leader in high-quality, cost-friendly double swing commercial traffic doors. We provide American made restaurant doors, impact doors, and kitchen doors. We have traffic doors for every application, and our customer service is extremely knowledgeable about every industry. Some of the other products we manufacture are, air doors, air curtains, fly fans, strip curtains, strip doors, plastic strips for coolers, and much more! Our top products are going to be traffic doors, swing doors, restaurant doors, kitchen doors, double acting doors, and air doors. Please give us a call today for a free quote on your commercial doors, air doors, double acting doors, cooler doors, and more!

Over the past 30 years, our superior reputation in quality and customer service has made us the industry standard in most grocery stores, restaurants, produce markets, school districts, hospitals, cold storage facilities and stadiums.

What types of Commercial Doors do you sell?

We offer the highest quality commercial doors with the lowest prices in the market. Discount Commercial Doors knows which products will work best for all applications. We have a large variety of products to suit all of our customer’s needs.

Will your traffic doors save energy?

When installed correctly, our energy saving solutions pay for themselves in a matter of months.

Are your doors FDA and USDA approved?

Discount Commercial Doors provides energy saving, FDA and USDA approved products that help keep inspectors happy and money in your pocket.

My store is interested in becoming an authorized dealer. How do we do it?

Discount Commercial Doors highly values the business we do with our authorized dealers, and will consider new dealer opportunities with stores/shops and online sellers. Please email us at, with your shop and contact information, if you are interested in becoming a dealer of Discount Commercial Doors. Our direct line is available at (844) 246-2355.

Is your site secure?

Our secure servers protect your information using advanced encryption and firewall technology. Most browsers will show a lock icon in the bottom status bar on secure pages. Look for this icon on any Web page that asks for your personal information. To further ensure your security, we use state of the art SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect your personal information from unauthorized use.