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Bakery Rack Covers

Bakery Rack Covers

Bakery rack covers are designed to keep food fresher longer and save money...

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Case Keepers

Case keepers are designed to save energy and money. Increase compressor li...

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Night Covers™

SAVE MONEY WITH NIGHT COVERS™   When your store is closed, does it m...

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No Zap Fly Traps

No Zap Fly Traps

Our flytraps are designed to be used in kitchens and dining room settings....

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PVC roll stock

PVC Roll Stock

Bulk Roll Stock is used to make strip curtains. This is an affordable do-it...

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The opening and success of a restaurant can be determined by location and quality of the food, but don’t underestimate the importance of your commercial restaurant equipment. Your equipment needs to be effective, long lasting and must fit in the budget. Let us discuss some general things about restaurant equipment for those who are new in this business as well as for those who are already in business and seeking some advice about commercial restaurant equipment.

What Commercial Restaurant Equipment Do You Need?

Prior to ordering any equipment, we highly recommend you make a list of what equipment would be needed in your restaurant and what would not. The needs for commercial restaurant equipment differs depending upon the type of restaurant and menu served in that restaurant. So, keep in mind the type of menu served in your restaurant in what quantity and then what equipment would go better with your needs.

The basics you will need include kitchen doors like stainless steel doors, impact doors, flexible doors or rigid doors. You will also need to purchase items like fly traps, bakery rack covers and case keepers.

Fly Traps: An indoor fly trap helps to catch flies and get rid of them as may be necessary. There are many types of indoor fly traps and what is required depends on effectiveness and type of indoor settings. Commercial fly traps are for use in restaurants. The best trap for indoor use should attract large numbers of flies within a large area and capture them quickly without there being a chance for them to escape.

Bakery Rack Covers: Making sure that you have something to hold your bread or baked goods in order to let it cool is essential. For this reason bakery racks are important and at the same time practice as they are going to provide a safe place to hold your baked goods while they cools off and before it is ready to eat. Discount Commercial Doors provides bakery rack covers so you can cover your racks when they are not in use.

Case Keepers: During these tough economic times and skyrocketing energy costs, this product will keep you from cooling your whole store. Case Keepers will help protect your hard earned profits by keeping your product “under cover”. Our Case keepers keep the cold where it should be, on your product, and not wasted on passerby’s, and allowed to escape into the air.

Purchasing Equipment

Purchasing restaurant equipment can get pretty confusing and stressful. Here at Discount Commercial Doors, we have everything you will need in restaurant equipment and in various sizes as well.

Why Choose Discount Commercial Doors?

DCD is an Orange County based business that specializes in custom doors for restaurants, grocery stores and other commercial buildings. From swing doors to rigid doors and flexible doors, Discount Commercial Doors is your destination for all your needs.

Discount Commercial Doors also has other products available. There are air curtains, which come on when a door is opened and shut off when the door is closed. This keeps contaminates out and cool air in. Bakery rack covers and case keepers are two more products available. Both keep food fresher longer and save money.