Commercial Kitchen Doors

Commercial Kitchen Doors are critical to the function and flow of a proper restaurant. Kitchen doors are also known as: restaurant doors, double swing doors, double acting doors, traffic doors, bump doors, impact doors, and dual swing doors. These type of traffic doors come in many different styles. The most popular kitchen door options are the pro tuff and tuff lite doors. The pro tuff is a wood core door with a steel structured framing around the edges. The door is sprayed with an elastomeric coating to protect the wood and steel, make it extremely easy to clean and keep sanitary, and provide a color that will never fade over the lifespan of the door. Not only is the door one of the most aesthetically pleasing options on the market, but it is the best for functionality as well.

The other popular door, the tuff lite, is a beautiful stainless steel. The door is simple, yet refined, and perfect for any modern kitchen design. The door is a 1/16” thick 304 stainless panel that is scratch and scuff resistant. It is designed to withstand all types of restaurant traffic and will continue to shine with just a little stainless cleaner and a microfiber towel. Again, this door is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly functional for all restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, and other facilities that serve food.

Commercial Kitchen Doors Options

One kitchen door to specifically avoid is the aluminum version. The aluminum has an issue with functionality because it can be cracked, it can warp, and it falls apart after a large amount of usage. The cracking can allow bacteria to build and cause food to be contaminated. The warping can prevent the door from opening and closing properly. The door is not adequate for the type of harsh treatment it receives in restaurants.

Pro Tuff and Tuff Lite Kitchen Door Options

Again, the pro tuff and the tuff lite are the best on the market. The doors offer a perfect balance between lightweight ease of use and the ability to stand the worst punishment. We specifically designed these doors with the idea that they will be treated poorly, and that staff will not care about them. The pro tuff and tuff lite restaurant, double swing, double acting, kitchen, traffic, impact doors are going to be the optimal option when running a restaurant. There is no reason to want to buy these doors more than once, which is why you should choose the best on the market.

Commercial Kitchen Doors
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