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Double Acting Doors

Double Acting Doors

What are Double Acting Doors?

Double acting doors are also known as double-swing doors and are a type of traffic door mainly found in restaurants, shipping facilities, loading docks, and of course grocery stores. You won’t find handles on these types of doors. Double Acting Doors are fabricated in such a way that they easily allow two-way movement as they swing in and out. These types of doors provide privacy and a degree of separation between rooms. Depending on the specific needs of a location or it’s restrictions, the doors can be bought in pairs or as a single door.

Common Uses

Double acting doors can also be called impact doors, bump doors or dual action doors. Forklifts or trolleys can drive through these doors and get them to open by simply “bumping” into them directly. This improves “passing efficiency” since the door will automatically close after passing. Bumper strips, spring bumpers, impact base plates or jamb guards can be installed to prevent damage to the doors from high-traffic use.

Some of these high-traffic use settings include grocery stores, warehouses, shipping and receiving areas, restaurant kitchens, and storage facilities. Also such places like: hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, correctional facilities, and government facilities that require a door to open in both directions in the case of emergencies.

Our double acting doors are provided in different styles. Two of our popular door options are the pro tuff and tuff lite doors. The pro tuff is a wood core door with a steel structured framing around the edges. The door is sprayed with an elastomeric coating to protect the wood and steel, make it extremely easy to clean and keep sanitary, and provide a color that will never fade over the lifespan of the door. Not only is the door one of the most aesthetically pleasing options on the market, but it is the best for functionality as well.

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