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Restaurant Swinging Doors

Kitchen doors & restaurant swinging doors are designed to be opened by impact. The kitchen and type of traffic will determine your needs. If you have a restaurant or business that requires kitchen doors, it is important that you understand what kitchen doors are and how they’re used.  Kitchen doors and all restaurant doors from Discount Commercial Doors are tailored to suit many different applications and markets.

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What is a Kitchen Door?

A kitchen door (also known as a restaurant swinging door) is a double acting door that provides a barrier between two areas. This “barrier” can be visual, thermal, or both. “Double Acting” means that the door swings in either direction. Kitchen doors are designed to be opened by impact. The type of traffic, the impact and the function that the door is to serve will help you to determine the product to be used. Restaurant doors are an excellent choice for applications where a high volume of traffic exists and minimal infiltration is desired.

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Other Names for Traffic Doors or Restaurant Air Curtains Doors

While doing your research, you will come across different names that are used for kitchen doors such as:  restaurant swinging door, restaurant door, restaurant kitchen door, commercial kitchen doors, and commercial swinging doors.  These are all the same and names are interchangeable.

One type of restaurant kitchen door is called a restaurant swing door.  A Restaurant Swing Door is a traffic door that utilizes a single hinge at the top of the door. The advantage that the flexible door offers is it’s ability to handle abuse from traffic passing through the opening. There is no lower hinge on the door, and the panels will “flex” if wrapped around the corner, or if traffic passes partially through the opening and reverses direction.

The following is a list of kitchen doors you can procure from Discount Commercial Doors:

Impact Kitchen Doors

Impact doors significantly reduce energy consumption and compressor workload. Impact resistant restaurant doors extend product shelf life by maintaining a more consistent temperature inside walk-in coolers and freezers.

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V-Cam Ruff Tuff Kitchen Doors

Our Ruff Tuff V-Cam industrial restaurant swing doors are built to withstand the maximum punishment!  1 1/2 inches of pure muscle incorporating a heavy duty internal steel frame built for forklift and pallet jack traffic in warehouse and industrial applications.

Ruff Tuff II Kitchen Doors

The Ruff Tuff II is the perfect restaurant kitchen door for Supermarkets, Restaurants, Warehouses, Offices and Retail applications. The Professional Appearance, it’s unique internal welded steel frame makes this door system a rugged, yet decorative choice with unequaled strength and durability. Ideal for High Walk Through, Light Pallet Jack and Forklift Traffic. The Ruff Tuff Doors are Truly Better Built Restaurant Doors.

Pro Tuff  Kitchen Doors

The Pro Tuff Commercial restaurant swinging door systems will enhance the appearance of any decor. Using advanced polymers and engineering, we have created a rugged, attractive medium duty walk-through kitchen door system. This commercial kitchen door is widely used in Restaurants, Supermarkets, Office and Retail environments.

Café/Saloon Restaurant Doors

If you have a restaurant or business that requires restaurant kitchen doors, it is important that you understand what kitchen doors are and how they’re used.   Kitchen doors from Discount Commercial Doors are tailored to suit many different applications and markets.

Traffic Doors Guide

This guide will help you learn the different types of Traffic Doors. Business owners must take into account a variety of options when choosing the correct swinging traffic doors. From material types to energy efficiency, there are many factors to consider when you choose traffic doors for your business. This Traffic Doors Guide will help you get started.

Swinging Traffic Doors

  1. Define your needs.
  2. Set a budget and stick to that budget.
  3. Keep in mind the overall appearance.
  4. Take into account your swinging traffic door’s lifespan.

Define your needs in a Traffic Door

You should be 100% certain you need to install a new traffic door in your business. If you’re thinking “well it might be a good idea to get new impact traffic doors”, you need to ensure you need one. Define your needs, to the point where they are crystal clear. For example, you’ll need to know:

Where you’ll need a new door?

Do you need something specific for regulations or state law?

Will it be visible only to workers?

Does it need to have any specifics?

How many traffic doors will I need total?

These decisions should not be taken lightly since it can change the way people see your business. That’s why you must decide the perfect impact traffic door according to your business type and its unique needs.

Set a Budget for Swinging Traffic Doors

As a business manager, you should seek to define how much you are willing, or you can invest in a suitable impact traffic door.

Setting a budget is one of the most crucial items to choose a door for your company.

Your budget will shape your decisions regarding style, materials, quantity and door features.

When setting a budget, you want to make sure you NEVER exceed it. You created a budget for a reason, exceeding a budget destroys the main reason why you created a budget in the first place.

Traffic Doors Lifespan

Another tip to choose the best restaurant swinging traffic doors is to keep in mind how long the door will last or how long you need it to last.

A swinging traffic door’s lifespan usually depends on what it’s made of. For example, steel doors typically have a lifespan of 23 years. Standard glass doors, on the other hand, do not last as long. That is why it is best to choose a material that can last you for a long time.

Commercial Traffic Door vs Residential Traffic Doors

Although some might think choosing a commercial traffic door consists of the same process as in choosing a residential one, they are completely different. Commercial doors tend to vary in size by a lot and these doors are usually much more used compared to residential ones. Therefore, this usage means that commercial doors must be more sturdy and durable compared to house doors. Another thing they vary by a lot is that different impact traffic doors must withstand all sorts of accidental collisions. Commercial swinging traffic doors are much thicker than house doors. Because of this extra thickness, their insulation properties are much better, helping companies to have better control over their building’s temperature. It’s crucial for you to know what you’re looking for in terms of a commercial door.

Discount Commercial Doors – A Leader in Providing Kitchen Doors

DCD is an Orange County based business that specializes in commercial kitchen doors for restaurants, grocery stores and other commercial buildings.  From strip doors to rigid doors and restaurant swinging doors, Discount Commercial Doors is your destination for all your needs.

Discount Commercial Doors also has other products available. There are air curtains, which come on when a door is opened and shut off when the door is closed. This keeps contaminates out and cool air in. Bakery rack covers and case keepers are two more products available. Both keep food fresher longer and save money.

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