Clear Vu

Clear View and SPM Doors


  • Guaranteed to save money on energy when installed properly
  • Available in completely transparent clear pvc material, or available as an opaque pvc material
  • Opaque (SPM) doors available in red, blue, green, black, brown, or grey
  • SPM doors feature a 15”x15” standard clear polycarbonate window
  • Available with a standard hinge or 270-degree hinge system for easier swing
  • Available in .08, .120 or .160 gauge thickness for heaviest duty applications
  • The best doors on the market for cooler and freezer applications
  • Perfect for when visibility and safety are needed
  • Opens with less than one pound of pressure
  • Longer lasting and easier to walk through than strip doors
  • Extend compressor life through better temperature control
  • Won’t drag over carried or pushed items
  • Won’t stick together like strips; moisture does not affect them
  • Comes in a double door configuration
  • 10-year rust-proof warranty
  • Customizable options: custom heights, custom widths, custom panel thickness, impact plates, hinge style