Ruff Tuff V Cam

Steel Re-Inforced, Fully Gasketed V-Cam Traffic Doors


  • Features 1-1/2” thick door panels
  • Internal welded steel frame
  • All door panels are fully gasketed
  • Built to withstand the maximum punishment
  • Built specifically for forklifts, pallet jacks and other heavy duty warehouse application.
  • Available in single panel and double panel door sets
  • Available in black, grey, blue, green, brown, red and beige (see spec sheet for color pallet)
  • Each door panel features a 3/16 polycarbonate window set in a high-impact urethane frame
  • All hardware is aluminum and stainless steel is included included
  • Customizable options: custom sizes, ABS impact panels, tear drop bumpers, full insulation, larger/smaller windows, installation anchors and limit posts
  • Proudly made in the USA