White Double Swing Doors Available

Double swing traffic doors are now available in white! The previous color selection was black, blue, brown, red, green, gray, and beige, but now we have added white to make the selection even more diverse. White has been a hotly demanded color for a long time because of the specific design or aesthetic businesses are trying to achieve, and it is also very popular for the look of being sanitary for health inspections. The biggest problem we have had with the white doors is the way the coating was applied, but now that this has been corrected we can offer it as an additional option, and at no additional cost!

Whether you are building a restaurant, grocery store, or warehouse, we will have a white double swing door option in all of our door categories. These door categories include the Pro Tuff, the Ruff Tuff II, and the Ruff Tuff V-Cam door.

The door categories are designed to meet the needs of all applications using bump style impact doors. The Pro Tuff model is our lightest duty option, and is primarily used in restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, and other applications where the openings are smaller and the traffic is light. The Ruff Tuff II style door is the option we use for the medium-duty traffic, and is typically installed at grocery stores, department stores, light commercial manufacturing, and anywhere else that carts and pallets may be used without motorized traffic.

The Ruff Tuff V-Cam is our heaviest duty door option, and that door is typically installed at seafood distribution, produce distribution, manufacturing facilities, hatcheries, and anywhere else a forklift or other motorized traffic is being used. The Ruff Tuff V-Cam is also a popular option in temperature controlled environments since the door is insulated and comes with a full perimeter gasketing kit.

The white double swing doors have been a long time in the works, and we are proud to offer these to all new and current customers looking to add them to their jobs!

Ruff Tuff Ii White V Cam Door

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