Commercial Kitchen Doors

Commercial kitchen doors, also known as traffic doors, are a specialized type of door that swings in both directions. These doors are used to separate the kitchen from the dining room area while allowing restaurant staff to pass without the use of their hands. This is the most efficient way for restaurants to maintain privacy while allowing their employees to work as quickly as possible. These doors allow staff to keep their hands full when bussing tables, running food, and bringing deliveries through the restaurant.

These doors are also referred to as double swing doors, restaurant doors, double acting doors, dual acting doors, crash doors, bump doors, and impact doors. These doors are also utilized by many other industries such as, grocery stores, department stores, warehouses, seafood distributors, produce distributors, bakeries, coffee shops, wholesale food manufacturers, retail food distributors, bars, hatcheries, meat processors, and many others. The double swinging doors come in a variety of different styles for all types of traffic. There are typically three main categories the doors fall into, heavy, medium, and light. The heavy doors are designed with the intention of being rammed by motorized traffic, such as fork lifts, scissor lifts, and cherry

They are also designed with bottom bumper guards for added protection, insulation, and full perimeter gasketing. The medium duty doors are designed for lighter traffic, and they can be customized with bottom impact plate protection, insulation, and gasketing. The medium duty doors are typically designed to withstand pallets, carts, and people. The light duty doors are going to be designed for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, juice bars, ice cream shops, and anywhere else that is specifically for foot-traffic only. Commercial kitchen doors are the doors businesses use when they want to separate spaces without causing difficulty for employees.

Commercial Kitchen Door Options

Tuff Max V-Cam Swing Door
Tuff Lite Stainless Steel
Pro Tuff Door
Ruff Tuff II Swinging Traffic Door
Ruff Tuff V-Cam Swinging Doors
Saloon Doors
Café Swinging Doors

Double swing traffic doors are easy to maintain and keep in good condition. Because of the coating on the door, the doors are able to be easily cleaned, are very durable, and do not need to be re-coated, painted, or touched up throughout the lifespan of the door.

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