Commercial Swinging Doors

Commercial swinging doors, also known as traffic doors, are a specific type of door designed to swing in both directions without the use of door hardware. In other words, there are no knobs, handles, push-bars, or other type of system to open these doors. Rather, the doors can be pushed from either side and swing open, then return to the starting position automatically with the use of the gravity style hinges. Commercial swinging doors are a premier style of door for restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, warehouses, bakeries, seafood distributors, hatcheries, produce distributors, and any other business needing to separate spaces in their facility while having the ability to move freely through these spaces without the use of hands.

Commercial swinging doors, also known as impact doors, double swing doors, double acting doors, dual acting doors, bump doors, and crash doors, come in a variety of different options to meet every application’s needs. The restaurant level doors, our lightest duty versions, are the Pro Tuff and Tuff Lite models. These doors are designed to be lightweight and functionally strong for people to walk through them without issues. The Pro Tuff style door is a colored door, and the Tuff Lite style door is a stainless steel door. The Ruff Tuff II door is our medium-duty option, and is designed for people, carts, pallets, and hand trucks to go through without damaging the equipment or the doors.

Swinging Traffic Doors

Tuff Max V-Cam Commercial Door
Tuff Lite Stainless Steel
Pro Tuff Door
Ruff Tuff II
Ruff Tuff V-Cam
Saloon Doors
Café Doors

These doors are thicker, steel reinforced, and offered with impact plates or bumpers for added protection, as well as full-perimeter gasketing for a complete seal around the edges. The Ruff Tuff V-Cam and Tuff Max V-Cam are our heaviest duty options. These doors are the thickest, heaviest welded frames, and designed with gasketing and bumpers for motorized traffic. The Ruff Tuff-V-Cam is a colored door option, and the Tuff Max V-Cam is a stainless option. Our lineup of doors are available for distributors and end users to purchase at the best prices, with the best quality, and the best service in the industry!

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