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Commercial Swinging Doors

Commercial Swinging Doors are an important part of different business and it is important to understand how to select the correct door so that you can ensure it will operate correctly and will not break the bank. Commercial Swinging Doors, also known as traffic doors, impact doors, bump doors, restaurant doors, kitchen doors, and double acting doors, come in a variety of different styles to meet various applications. Some of the different applications include, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, supermarkets, produce distribution, meat distribution, seafood distribution, department stores, warehouses, and wholesale bakeries. These different businesses require different doors because they have different types of traffic, they have different types of environment, and different budgets.

Selecting the Correct Commercial Swinging Doors

Traffic doors are broken into three main categories for traffic: foot traffic, cart and pallet-jack traffic, and forklift traffic. Foot traffic doors are typically the lightest and least expensive, and their main purpose is to create a barrier between two rooms. Typically, these are going to be restaurant applications. Since the restaurants are not moving big objects on pallet jacks and forklifts, the pro tuff and tuff lite style doors are the best options for their businesses. They are simple, elegant, and effective for the restaurants and coffee shops. Businesses that have pallet jack traffic and are concerned about air-conditioned spaces will be looking for something heavier duty. This typically means the Ruff Tuff II will be the best option for the business, since it can be gasketed around the edges for temperature separation and can have impact plates installed for extra durability. The Ruff Tuff II is a great option for functionality without costing a fortune, and it is easy to open. For forklift traffic and cooler applications, there is no better door than the Ruff Tuff V-Cam. The V-Cam door is the strongest on the market with its steel structured frame, its ABS plastic shell, its additional tear drop bumper bottom protection, and its insulation and gasketing for temperature.

Measuring the opening is critical for making sure your traffic doors are perfect. Since all openings are unique, there aren’t any standard sizes for these applications. We always use the width and the height of the finished framing, and we always make sure we take the shortest distances. Sometimes, there are raised floors and tiling, and sometimes the doors are on a slope. In these situations, we need to take the measurement of the shortest distance, or from the highest point of the floor to the top of the jamb. It is imperative when deciding How to Select the Correct Traffic Door or when making a custom door that everything is done precisely, because these doors cannot be fixed in the field.

How to Select the Correct Commercial Swinging Doors