Door Gasket

A quality door gasket for double swing doors and swinging kitchen doors can be a critically necessary way to keep energy costs down, keep spaces conditioned better, and stop the spread of contaminants between different rooms in the business.

Door Gasket Complete Seal

Door gaskets helps to create a complete seal around the edges of the door and stop air conditioning from leaking out of conditioned spaces. By gasketing a door, you can prevent the air conditioning from working as hard, and you can help maintain the temperature better in the room(s) that are conditioned. This will help reduce on energy costs and keep your business operating more efficiently. This can also be especially effective when double swing doors or saloon doors are used in lieu of stainless doors for walk-in boxes. It is vital to keep walk-in box temperature consistent, so food doesn’t spoil, and health inspectors don’t fine or shut down the business, which is why gasketing on double swing doors is so important. A better quality door gasket can also help to keep contaminants, such as dust or metal grindings, from moving through a manufacturing business that wants to keep production messes out of other spaces.

Door Gasket
Door Gasket

Door Gasket Installation

Installing a door gasket is unique to every business’s product/door setup. Even though many door gaskets are made with the same materials, they are made differently and therefore finding the right one is essential to make sure it is going to work. Many times door gaskets vary in size, such as ¼” or ¾”, and sometimes gasketing varies in the way it is installed, inserted into an aluminum channel or pressed on the side of a jamb with a sticky side. Some of the businesses that use doors with gasketing are: grocery stores, restaurants, department stores, manufacturing warehouses, seafood distribution, produce distribution, wholesale bakeries, convenience stores, and vet clinics. These businesses see savings and benefits from adding the rubber gasketing onto their commercial doors.

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