Restaurant Traffic Doors

Restaurant traffic doors are the best way to separate the kitchen from the dining room. These doors are also commonly referred to as, double swing doors, impact doors, bump doors, kitchen doors, double acting doors, dual acting doors, and crash doors. The doors are available in single and double panel versions to meet the needs of every restaurant design. These doors are designed to be bumped, so there are no knobs, handles, or push bars to move through them. Traffic doors are the best way to keep people from entering restricted areas, help reduce noise, help to reduce smells, and keep a restaurant operating as efficiently as possible. The restaurant traffic doors come in two different styles, pro tuff and tuff lite.

The pro tuff double swing door is a wood-core door with an elastomeric coating. This coating is offered in seven different color options, black, blue, brown, red, green, gray, and beige. The coating is heavy-duty, and is designed to be cleaned easily, scratch and stain resistant, and create a specific nice aesthetic for the restaurant. The tuff lite door is the stainless-steel option. It is a 304 stainless that is 16 gauge. The stainless door is designed to create a more modern look and pairs well with all stainless-steel appliances. The stainless door is also heavy duty and is very easy to clean. All of the double swing doors come with a vision lite, also known as a window that is made out of acrylic. It is extremely clear and is not glass so it will not shatter. One of the most important features regarding the door is the ability to keep your staff safe with good visibility, which is why all vision lights are installed at a convenient height and size to accommodate all different types of employees.

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Restaurant double swing doors are the best way to keep the restaurant operating efficiently, keep the health inspectors away, and keep the customers happy and enjoying their dining experience.

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