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Swinging traffic doors are a specialized type of door for swinging in both directions without the use of knobs, hand bars, or any other hardware. The only mechanical part of the doors is the hinge, which is designed to automatically swing the door back to center after it has been pushed open. Swinging traffic doors are also commonly referred to as double swing doors, double acting doors, dual acting doors, impact doors, bump doors, and crash doors. The most common businesses to use these doors are, restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, seafood distributors, produce distributors, hatcheries, meat processors, and bakeries. These doors are the best way to separate two spaces while allowing employees and customers to move through the commercial space without the use of their hands.

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Swinging traffic doors typically come in three different tiers, soft, medium, and hard. These tiers reflect the type of traffic that goes through these doors. For businesses with foot-traffic, such as restaurants and cafes, the soft doors, also known as Pro Tuffs, are a perfect choice. These doors are lightweight, easy to move through, and structurally designed to handle this type of traffic without issues. The medium duty door, also known as the Ruff Tuff II, is a heavier door with a steel welded frame, and is designed for grocery stores, department stores, and anywhere that may have carts and pallet jacks, but not motorized traffic. These doors are also able to be customized with impact plates or bumpers for added protection at the bottom. The hard doors – also known as Ruff Tuff V-Cams, are designed for every type of traffic, especially motorized (such as forklifts, scissor lifts, cherry pickers). The Ruff Tuff V-cams are also designed to have tear drop bumpers added for extra protection, and they come with full perimeter gasketing and insulation. These doors are primarily designed for warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

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