What are Swinging Doors?

Swinging doors are a specific type of commercial door in which the door can be pushed open from either side. This type of door is frequently used to separate the kitchen and dining room areas in a restaurant, the shopping and stocking areas in a grocery store, and the various departments in manufacturing and distribution warehouses. These doors are very popular because they do not require a handle or knob to open and can be utilized to keep spaces separate and organized. Some of the other industries that use these doors are, bakeries, movie theaters, cafes, coffee shops, retail stores, wholesale distributors, light and heavy commercial manufacturing, hatcheries, meat processers, food manufacturers, and many more. Swinging doors are also referred to as double swing doors, traffic doors, impact doors, bump doors, dual swing doors, double acting doors, and crash doors.

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Although these doors have many different names and applications, they are a very easy-to-understand product. The doors are mounted to top and bottom hinges, and the panels are able to be installed on either side to make the product easier to use. The doors do not require any additional hardware, and there are very few accessory options for the doors. If there is a need to make a complete seal around the door, we offer an option called full-perimeter gasketing. This material goes around the edges of the door to form the seal and prevent any air leakage or contamination. We also offer bottom protection for the door in the form of impact plates or tear drop bumpers. The impact plates are the lighter duty option, and they are predominantly used in applications with non-motorized traffic. The tear drop bumpers are the heavier duty door protection and are designed for every type of traffic that could come through the doors.

Double swinging traffic doors are a great way to keep spaces separated without dealing with hardware, sensors, or any other more cumbersome way to open a different type of door. These doors are the most popular way to keep areas separated without losing any productivity.

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